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Premium grade freelancing platform built for startups and visionary enterpreneurs

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We are serial enterpreneurs and startup founders who've had a fair bit of failures along the way but also much success... particularly in recent years. Having lived in enterpreneurial trenches since the turn of the century and dodget the bullets for years, we know exactly what it takes to be an enterpreneur or a startup founder.

For years we've taken the beating, insults and endured excruciating pain and suffering which all enterpreneurs and startup founders go through on their enterpreneurial journey without exceptions.

We know how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur or a startup founder who starts with nothing but a BIG dream and lots of passion.

We know the challenges, setbacks and seemingly insurmountable obstacles entrepreneurs and startup founders encounter on their path to 'greatness'.

We know all of this which is why we’ve felt compelled to build Parttimerz premium grade freelancing platform for startup founders and entrepreneurs.

The main purpose of Parttimerz freelancing platform is to empower and enable entrepreneurs and startup founders to achieve their coveted goals without breaking the bank or selling their soul to the devil (VCs and Angels).

We bootstrapped and so can you. We want you to bootstrap your startup or a business and let our professional freelancers do all the professional services e.g. accounting, blogging, content management, inbound marketing, graphic design and web development you’d otherwise hire a full-time staff for.

Why give away your precious equity to VCs or angels when you can keep it all? Why go in debt and have investment banker breath down your neck when, you don’t have to and can stay debt free?

We’re here for you and your startup up. Let’s partner up and we promise to let you keep 100% of your startup equity.

Dzenan & Sanela

Our Founding Team

Dzenan ebf24e4b6148bc717d7e5f26da4df212b0eb785fcce834a2df4e3a39a408aaf4

Dzenan Skulj

Co-Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur and student of life who's utterly passionate about and strong proponent of entrepreneurship, startups, freelancing and self-development, which he blogs about on his personal blog.

Sanela a22f9139b6a8e4650f4c6002a1addd73f39e1a698b9b3b63ea15e797a8c062bb

Sanela Skulj

Co-Founder & COO

Entrepreneur and life enthusiast who strongly believes that life is meant to be much more than 9-5 and that everyone is fully responsible for their own success and making the most of their time.

Born in Sarajevo, operating globally