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Amir Karahasanović

B2B Marketer 10 $/h
Direct Marketer 10 $/h
Outbound Sales Consultant 10 $/h

I am reliable, highly self-motivated, passionate and result-oriented sales and marketing specialist with a multidisciplinary and diverse knowledge and experience in the private business sector. I operate very successfully in dynamic and stressful environments and situations, with expressed ability to respond quickly, multitask and solve problems efficiently. I have very developed relations with an enviable network of private and business connections, with a good awareness of local and global business opportunities and trends. I am enthusiastic and focused on constant personal and professional development and acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

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Armina Aličić

bachelor of economics

HTML5 Developer 5 $/h
CSS Developer 5 $/h
Accounting Assistant 10 $/h

Hi, my name is Armina and I am from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am 26 years old and I have a university degree in Economics but I decided to change profession so I began learning about web development and web design. Web development is truly exciting and I enjoy creating beautiful websites.

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Shawn Vaz

Hospitality Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Professional

SEO Expert 7 $/h
Social Media Marketing 7 $/h
Email Marketing Consultant 7 $/h

I am passionate hospitality Digital Marketing, eCommerce & eDistribution professional with over 14 experience in hotel IT operations, digital, e-commerce & online distribution in the travel & hospitality. Strong analytical, reporting, technical writing, strategy development and implementation.

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Haris Štulanović

Master's degree in financial management

Accounting 10 $/h
Accounting Assistant 10 $/h
Financial Accounting 10 $/h

Accountant, Financial Management, Financial Analysis

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Snježana Hondo

Accounting Assistant $/h

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Monica Rossi

Virtual Assistant

Invoicing 30 $/h
Xero 30 $/h
Virtual Assistant 30 $/h

Virtual Assistant providing admin, finance, translation & bespoke support to freelancers & SMEs (UK & worldwide)