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Welcome to Parttimerz educational platform for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Parttimerz freelancers and entrepreneurs educational platform is built with professional freelancers and entrepreneurs in mind.

We’re dedicated to providing the platform, guidance, know-how and ongoing support to professional freelancers and entrepreneurs who have what it takes and have resolved to take the leap of faith.

As a professional freelancers and serial entrepreneurs who’ve achieved admirable freelancing and business success over the years and have learned valuable lessons from a few failures along the way, we fully understand all the intricacies, predicaments and seemingly insurmountable challenges, professional freelancers and entrepreneurs face in their freelancing careers and entrepreneurial journey.

We know that starting a freelancing career or a business isn’t easy – far from it – which is why we strive and do our level best to continuously give you the most relevant – no bullshit – ‘meaty’ content which you can immediately consume and put to the best possible use.

Furthermore, we give you the exclusive access to Europe’s most sought after freelancing platform where you can either outsource your business needs e.g. blogging, content management, graphic design, web development etc. to PREMIUM GRADE professional freelancers or in the case of a professional freelancers, build your own brand and cater to some of the most exciting startups and small to medium businesses from across the globe.

To get the ball rolling and give you a bit of taste of our ‘meaty’ content, here’s a recommended reading list…

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