Guest Blogging

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Yes, we accept guest posts from superstar freelancers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about and experienced in freelancing, startups and entrepreneurship.

The question is, are YOU passionate enough and can you demonstrate extensive experience in either freelancing or entrepreneurship e.g. you’ve been freelancing professionally for many years or have founded businesses and want to share your experience, lessons learned etc. with our invaluable readers?

If yes, read on…

Before you start though,  here are a few things you ought to keep in mind when writing a blog post for Parttimerz educational platform:

1. Ideally, you should be a professional blogger with knack for and profound understanding of freelancing, startups or entrepreneurship

2. Your blog post must be truly valuable and actionable (no nonsense)

3. Your blog post must be insightful and relevant e.g., freelancing, startups or entrepreneurship

4. Your blog post must we well written and of the same or similar tone as all other posts on our blog

5. Your blog post must not feature more than one backlink to your blog

6. Your blog post must be longer than 1250 words but we prefer even longer than 1750 words

7. Your blog post must be original and not published anywhere else

8. Your blog post should include a brief bio of 200-250 characters for our contributors record

9. Once your blog post is completed and ready for review and publishing let us know

P.S. For ideas on what to write about, we recommend you visit How To Start a Business and Succeed