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Are you a startup founder?

Do you bootstrap?

We are serial entrepreneurs and startup founders who’ve successfully bootstrapped all of our businesses, including the Parttimerz.


To retain complete autonomy and freedom required to unleash full potential and turn our business into all that it can be. Granted, bootstrapping is easier said than done which is why we’ve built a business to cater explicitly to our fellow startup founders who like us, want to retain a complete ownership of their startups.

We want you to run and grow your startup without breaking the bank. We’re committed to helping you…

  1. Conceptualize the winning business idea (brainstorming, business consultancy etc.)
  2. Build corporate identity (graphic design, website development, copywriting etc.)
  3. Build professional business plan (market research, competitive, analysis, financials etc.)
  4. Define unique selling proposition (USP) (consultancy, marketing, strategy etc.)
  5. Develop the winning go-to-market (GTM) strategy (inbound marketing, strategy etc.)
  6. Develop and manage content with content management strategy (content marketing etc.) 
  7. Develop and execute inbound marketing strategy (blogging, writing, infographics etc.)
  8. Provide full back office support (accounting, admin, legal etc. )
  9. Optimize search engine optimization (SEO) (SEO on-page/off-page etc.)
  10. Make the most our educational platform, ongoing guidance and support (learn & grow)

…all of this at a fraction of the cost of a full-time professionals e.g. copywriters, graphic designers, inbound marketers etc. which you would otherwise have to hire.


Through our professional freelancing services platform, built explicitly for startups and visionary entrepreneurs.

All you need to do is simply tell us what you need help with and we’ll get in touch with you. It’s that simple.