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Erna Kohnić

Bachelor of Communications

English Translator 5 $/h
Blog Writing 5 $/h
Travel Writing 5 $/h

My name is Erna Kohnić. I am from a small town named Stolac in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently I work as a center coordinator at a Daily care center for children from families at risk ( as a part of NGO Orhideja). I graduated Communications (Journalism and PR ) on the Faculty of Human Sciences of University of Džemal Bijedić in Mostar. I finished my high school and got the title of economic technician, and as well I went to the United World College in Mostar. I love traveling, cooking, voluntary work and nature. Love writing about my experiences, as so researching and learning new things. Currently I am doing a research about the influence of media on children and adolescents. I love working with children and teenagers, as so with Roma people and elderly. Life is great as much as you make it that way :)

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Ida Pilman

Marketing and Business Development

Trade marketing 20 $/h
Sales Consultant 15 $/h
Brand Strategist 15 $/h

Strong analytical skills, passion for customer satisfaction management, creative mindset are three of my strongest strengths. My long term experience, my skills and knowledge makes me expert in several areas: Market research, Marketing campaigns analysis, Customer satisfactions surveys, Customer retention action plans, Trade marketing campaigns, Shopper campaigns, Data Entry and Analysis In other words, I am here to help you to meet your customers and react on time! I have 5 years of experience in customer analytics and customer relations in cement industry, 4 years in sales & trade marketing in FMCG industry.

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Azer Jugo


Copywriting $/h
Consulting $/h
Product Development $/h

Journalist, editor, marketing consultant, consulting for development brand&products

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Omar Rha

English Translator 6 $/h
Translation Arabic English 6 $/h
Translation French English 6 $/h

I am a writer, translator, transcriptionist ( English <-> Arabic ), copywriter, blogger, and a social media manager with 4+ years of experience . I'm using both traditional and modern techniques to provide the best I can .

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Devesh Bhatt


Writer 6 $/h
Business Writer 8 $/h
Poetry Writing 10 $/h

I am a Writer. I Write Useful, relevant and interesting Marketing Profiles, Business Plans, Pitch Decks and Branding Content . I write precise Research Reports, Manuals, descriptions and Paralegal Documents. I write creative i.e. songs, poems, stories, articles and comments. You can check my blog on bebee.com I am their Brand Ambassador.

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Tamara Stankovic

Journalist and PR officer

Journalism Writing 6 $/h
Article Writing 6 $/h
Press Release Writer 6 $/h

I'm an experienced journalist, with a college degree in journalism. I love to write, and writing is my passion. Also, I'm good with a camera and video editing, so you can say that my passion beside writing is video production. I'll always give everything of myself to do the best job. 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd_o6Ks3p0E 2. http://youthnewsroom.net/lang/serbian/article/2015/06/29/komponuju-za-pevace-bendove-video-igrice 3. http://youthnewsroom.net/lang/english/article/2015/06/11/boomerang-competition-only-kind-balkans 4. http://www.juznevesti.com/Zabava/Drum-and-bass-i-tehno-mini-fest-u-Lalincu.sr.html