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Devesh Bhatt


Writer 6 $/h
Business Writer 8 $/h
Poetry Writing 10 $/h

I am a Writer. I Write Useful, relevant and interesting Marketing Profiles, Business Plans, Pitch Decks and Branding Content . I write precise Research Reports, Manuals, descriptions and Paralegal Documents. I write creative i.e. songs, poems, stories, articles and comments. You can check my blog on bebee.com I am their Brand Ambassador.

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Sir Markson Francisco


Computer Assembly & Troubleshooting 30 $/h
Data Entry 30 $/h
Document Control 30 $/h

A very hard working guy looking for an extra income or even a fulltime job for the sake of my family

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saikrupa veeramani


Copywriting $/h
General Management $/h
Writing $/h

I am creative in nature and an exceptional creative thinker. I am brought up in an independent nature that made me take strong bold decisions. At the same time I am proud of my well organized nature and systematic planning. These inborn qualities make me aspire to be a well established entrepreneur. Life experiences has taught me priceless lessons and made me a strong confident person. I always try to keep people around me motivated and inspired. I always believe that everyone is born with an ultimate purpose in life. Every man/woman should find that path of destination that would bring success in each one’s life. I also firmly consider that, being honest and the trust one another are the factors underlying the success of a group. This is primary to inter-disciplinary research and study. Functioning as a panel is all about being able to perceive things from each other’s view point. Trying to be open to conflicting ideas while taking it as an opportunity to learn something new helps me to be a positive team player as well as a team leader. Proper scheduling, with top most precedence to work at hand and its implementation facilitates me to be prompt in all my accomplishments.

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Ivana Prelić

English Translator 5 $/h
English Translator 4 $/h
English Translator 7 $/h

I'm curious, ambitious and fearless young person with wide ratio of interests, such as reading, publishing, public educational systems, social science, writing. I've changed many jobs and positions, always trying to learn something new and valuable from every experience. I believe if someone wants to grow, he has to keep moving forward.

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Tijana Damjanovic


Journalist $/h
Ghostwriting $/h
Content Writing $/h

I hold a degree in Journalism from John Naisbitt University in Belgrade, Serbia. Included in the course were modules on writing, editing, proofreading as well as marketing. I have 4 years of work experience, 2 years as a journalist for a lifestyle website, 1 year as deputy editor in chief for a tv channel, and 1 year as a community manager. I specialize in writing and editing. In my role at Serbian Scientific Channel, I organized the team, chose topics for the program, trained new journalists, and worked as a TV host. While at the lifestyle website, I wrote over 10 articles per day and translated another 10 from English to Serbian. I wrote on every topic imaginable - health, science, tech, politics, entertainment, relationships, travel, business... so EVERYTHING intrigues me, and I love doing research. I am very detail oriented, and I love writing, so if I wrote something, you may be sure that every word I wrote is in the right place, and that the article is sending exactly the message you wanted it to. In case I am proofreading or editing a document, you can count on speed, efficiency, precision and highest standards. I am looking forward to working with you

Slika  dzenita
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Dzenita Delic

Lawyer, Graphic Designer, Virtual Assistant - Freelancer

Administrative support 10 $/h
Data Entry 10 $/h
Graphic Designer 10 $/h

Freelance graphic designer and virtual assistant with professional knowledge and experience in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign CS6/CC 2017 and MS Office.