1. Getting Started with Parttimerz
  1. What is Parttimerz?

    Parttimerz is a kickass freelancing platform featuring premium grade freelancers of diverse background and specialization. Through its state-of-the-art, highly scalable social platform, Parttimerz community enables its members to make the most of themselves by leveraging their innate talents and abilities, learned skills and qualities.

  2. Members only

  3. Parttimerz is members only community hence, in order to partake in the community and make the most of yourself, you must be registered as a Parttimerz. Registration is free and straight-forward with only the basic name, email and password information required.

  4. Registration

    1. Why to register?

    2. Considering that Parttimerz is members only community, anyone who wishes to partake in our fast growing community and make the most it, must be a registered Parttimerz member.

    3. How to register?

    4. Enter your full name, valid email and password or simply use your social media account i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn or Google +

    5. Password recommendation and consideration

    6. While not mandatory we recommend that you create a strong, multi-character, alphanumeric password during the initial registration.

    7. What happens upon successful registration?

    8. Once successfully registered, an automated Parttimerz account verification email message is sent to you for account activation – simply follow the link provided in the body of the email message.

  5. Logging In

    1. Why to login?

    2. Considering that Parttimerz is members only community, in order to view, search and or get in touch with other members, whether you seek employment or to hire someone for a job at hand, each member has to be logged in the Parttimerz community.

    3. How to login?

    4. From Parttimerz landing page access the Log In page and simply enter valid email address used during registration along with corresponding password or use your social media accounts i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+

    5. Forgot password?

    6. To initiate password recovery process, click on Forgot Password link located on Log In page. You will be redirected to a password recovery page from where you can enter your registered email and request a password – the same will be sent to your email thereafter.

2. ABCs of Parttimerz
  1. How to create the profile page?

  2. Upon initial registration you will be redirected to your profile page where you can edit your personal and professional information alike. While it is not mandatory to complete your profile in entirety, we strongly recommend you do, for it will help you be discovered quicker and ultimately hired, if that is indeed what you are after. Likewise, if you are looking to hire Parttimerz for a job at hand, you are more likely to attract more adequate Parttimerz and of the highest quality if you have your profile photo and profile information completed – people like to collaborate with people they can see and know at least basic information about. The more complete the profile the more compelling and frequently visited it will be – the greater exposure to the community, the greater the likelihood of getting hired and being successful.

  3. Is the profile data readily available and visible to all members?

  4. Yes, the profile data is readily available and visible to all Parttimerz members while active on Parttimerz. For more information on data visibility, accessibility and use, refer to Parttimerz Terms of Use.

  5. How secured is the data provided and stored on Parttimerz?

  6. Parttimerz take members data integrity and security with utmost importance. Data provided by the Parttimerz members is securely stored in Parttimerz RDBMS. For more information on data security and privacy, refer to Parttimerz Privacy Policy and Parttimerz Terms of Use.

  7. Are the member profiles searchable, reachable and visible?

  8. Yes, all registered member profiles are searchable, visible and reachable. Some member profiles are visible more than others depending on profile completion level and activity or the lack thereof of each respective member in Parttimerz community.

  9. What is the benefit of the Parttimerz Rating and Review feature?

  10. Rating and review feature is a snapshot of the overall performance and conduct of each respective member as it provides the insight into their capabilities, performance and conduct while in Parttimerz community. The more successfully completed jobs/engagements you have with positive ratings and reviews, the greater your credibility and likelihood of getting hired and rehired.

  11. What is Availability Matrix and how to use it?

  12. Availability matrix is a snapshot of each member’s availability and willingness to take on the job in question. Availability matrix enables you to select days of the week and hours of each day during which you will be available and willing to provide your services. To select days/hour of your availability, while in profile preview page, simply select the same in a user friendly Availability Matrix control on profile page.

  13. What is Hourly Rate and what is it used for?

  14. Hourly rate is a fee expected to be paid in exchange for each hour of work performed by any one Parttimerz member. Hourly rates vary from one member to the other and one profession to the next. Therefore, hourly rates are set by each respective member based on their individual discretion and opinion of what their hour of time and or service is worth. Needless to say, hourly rate could be one of the most decisive and detrimental factors while being considered for a potential job. Therefore, the more optimal the hourly rate the higher probability of being hired for the job.

  15. What is the Hire button used for?

  16. Hire button located on the profile page of each member is used to express interest in a particular member and ultimately hire him or her for the job at hand. Needless to say, each member is free to negotiate the offer in question, accept and or decline. The hiring process is based on a basic premise, to hire or be hired there must be a valid job hence, creating a job and publishing it should precede the hiring process.

  17. How to create and publish a job?

  18. From the Jobs tab on the profile page simply click on Post a new job and fill in required details i.e., profession, servies, budget, country, duration and description. Published jobs are randomly displayed on the Hot Jobs section of the Activities page and profile pages of each member in Parttimerz community. Each job is valid for 30 days from the publish date after which it expires and is no longer visible on Parttimerz. In case of a successful hire, the job in question expires and is no longer visible in the Parttimerz community.

  19. What is I’m interested button on each job post used for?

  20. I’m interested button on each job post is used to express interest in posted job which in turn notifies the job owner of the same via Parttimerz notification system. Subsequently, the job owner is able to respond by further discussing the job with respective candidate or simply accepting/declining the interest expressed.

  21. What is Portfolio tab used for?

  22. Portfolio tab is a snapshot of all your work on Parttimerz. In other words, it contains all the jobs you have completed along with corresponding rating and review of each job owner. Make the most of your portfolio and use is as a self-promoting tool to attract more jobs and revenue. Do each job to the best of your ability to earn high ratings and great reviews.

  23. What is Jobs tab used for?

  24. Jobs tab is used primarily to publish new jobs but also as a snapshot of all active jobs and or jobs in progress. A more comprehensive list of all the jobs published, in progress and completed can be accessed via My Jobs menu in the top right corner.

  25. What is Followers/Following used for?

  26. Following/Followers is simply a list of Parttimerz you are following and those that are following you. In order to make the most of Parttimerz community and be in the know on the latest job offers and best performing members, it is in your interest to follow as many Parttimerz of interest as possible. By following Parttimerz, you have complete insight into their activities and can reach out to them directly at any time via Parttimerz messaging system.

  27. What is My Transactions used for?

  28. My Transactions page provides insight into your activities on Parttimerz in terms of total revenue generated i.e., money earned from completed jobs and expenses i.e., jobs paid for since joining the Parttimerz community. Ability to generate various revenue/expense reports i.e., monthly, quarterly, annually accompanied with corresponding charts and graphics, further enhances the user experience and provides greater insight into your overall performance on Parttimerz.

  29. What is Hot Jobs section of the Activities and Profile page used for?

  30. Hot Jobs section features the latest jobs in the Parttimerz community published by members worldwide. Jobs are displayed based on relevance i.e., geography, profession, services, interests etc. Each published job is available and visible for 30 days from the date of publish, unless it’s closed due to a successful hire.

  31. What is Featured In section of the Activities and Profile page used for?

  32. Featured In section features the highest ranking Parttimerz who have the most jobs successfully completed. To make the coveted Featured In list and be actively promoted across the entire Parttimerz community, complete your profile in full and actively participate in the community, ideally 3 to 4 times per week.

3. Best in Class Freelancing Service
  1. What does best in class freelancing service mean?

  2. Best in class freelancing service refers to Parttimerz unique vetting system which through continuous monitoring, coaching, rewarding and reprimanding of all registered members, ensures that only the finest – premium grade – freelancers are retained and featured on Parttimerz.

  3. Who can register and partake on Parttimerz?

  4. Individuals and companies who have unmet needs, wants and desires but are unable or unwilling to fulfil them.

4. Advertising on Parttimerz

Leverage Parttimerz fast growing community to promote your business, brand or idea.

  1. How to publish an ad on Parttimerz?

  2. Once you’re logged in the Parttimerz, simply navigate to Advertising page via My Ads menu located in the top right corner of the page or Advertising footer menu. Thereafter simply fill in required details i.e., Advertising Title, Advertising Description, URL, budget etc. and submit your advertising request. The budget you allocate for your ad determines the total number of times your ad is viewed on Parttimerz community. Once the funds allocated for each respective ad run out, the ad expires and is no longer visible. Expiry notification message is sent to the ad owner with an option to republish the same ad by adding additional funds.

5. Parttimerz Communication
  1. Feedback

  2. As ongoing feedbacks help us continuously improve and create a better and more worthwhile user experience for Parttimerz community members, you’re encouraged to share your thoughts pertaining to the Parttimerz platform, features, functionality and usability.

  3. Messaging

  4. Parttimerz platform provides a way for fellow members to communicate with one another while logged in via Parttimerz messaging system. Direct messages can only be sent to members you are following and are being followed by. The messaging is accessed via envelop like icon at the right corner of the page or each respective member profile.

  5. Notifications

  6. System notifications such as profile views, follows, job interests etc. are displayed in the top right corner of the page, depicted by the bell shape icon. Auto generated system emails e.g., welcoming, password reset etc. while part of system notification but are sent to the registered email addresses of each respected member.