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Slobodan Prijic
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Android Developer 20 $/h

Looking forward to work in mobile devices application development area, with organization where I can embed existing skills and contribute in bringing product to users.

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Gururaj N
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Java Developer 9 $/h
PHP Developer 9 $/h
HTML Developer 9 $/h

To pursue a highly rewarding career, seeking for a job in challenging and healthy work environment where I can utilize my skills and knowledge efficiently for organizational growth.

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Marino Troskot
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Android Developer 10 $/h
PHP Developer 10 $/h
Android App Development 10 $/h

Hardworking and eager to take new challenges. Like to communicate with customers.

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Priyanka Gupta
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Graphic Designer 15 $/h
Wordpress Developer 15 $/h
Android Developer 15 $/h

I have an experience in this about 4+ years and work with more than 300 clients. Specialist in photoshop, corel draw, illustrator, indesign , premiere pro,flash etc.

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Simon S
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Android Developer 45 $/h
Android Developer 55 $/h
Advertising Consultant 55 $/h

Founder, CEO and lead developer at MojSMS.net SMS/MMS marketing advertising agency in Slovenia. Start up project. freelancer and marketing advertising consultant. I worked at large and a little smaller web projects for individual small and large companyes. I have +12 years experience in app 's development, API's, REST, user interface. All work is treated as a unique, bespoke service, tailored specifically to you and supported both during and after the handover. I am proud of my clients, and enjoy watching them flourish after the project's end. I am happy to discuss anything beyond what is offered on this profile. The point of a diverse skill set is to branch out and try new things.

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Rahul Aggarwal
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HTML5 Developer 8 $/h
Android App Development 10 $/h
Wordpress Developer 8 $/h

My professional career has been running on three separate but often closely related tracks: HTML5 Development, Wordpress Development, and PHP Development, Mobile Application Development. In the last couple of years my work has been focused on the first two fields, and most recently on WordPress Development, Mobile Application Development. I have excellent troubleshooting and debugging skills developed over the years of engineering work in various fields. Looking forward to work with you. Best regards. Rahul Aggarwal