Parttimerz Privacy Policy

Version 2.0

Created: November 16, 2015

Modified: September 6, 2016

1. Introduction

Your privacy is of utmost importance to Parttimerz. Parttimerz take great pride in protecting your privacy and proprietary information uploaded and shared on Parttimerz. Due to the nature of Parttimerz community and in order to make the most of it, each member is expected to upload and subsequently share certain personal and professional information. All information provided to Parttimerz during or after the registration process is safely stored in Parttimerz secured relational database management system (RDBMS) for subsequent use i.e., search, retrieval, view etc. This document describes how the information is being collected, stored, viewed and accessed on Parttimerz and by whom.

2. Data/Information Collected

During the registration process you are requested and expected to provide various personal and professional information. All of the information shared during the member registration process and each subsequent login/session, excluding the password, email and billing, is readily available to all Parttimerz members to view, search and retrieve on demand. In addition, all your posts, comments and ratings of other members are also readily available and visible.

In addition to the aforementioned actively provided information, to help improve and optimize the member experience, Parttimerz may passively collect information such as your log ins, visits and time spent browsing through Parttimerz platform using various technologies including but not limited to web beacons, cookies and internet tags.

3. Visible and Invisible Data/Information

While Parttimerz have taken all the necessary precautions to implement the most stringent security safeguards to protect Parttimerz platform and all its content, personal and professional information uploaded and shared by each member is readily available and visible to all Parttimerz members for search, view and retrieval, as the same is essential for Parttimerz operation. Information such as the password and email are not visible to anyone other than the respective member who owns it and are securely stored in Parttimerz RDBMS along with other related information.

4. Confidential Data/Information

Information such as email, password, payment and billing are classified as confidential and are never disclosed or visible to anyone other than the respective member who owns it solely. Your payment and billing information are however, visible to the authorized service provider e.g., PayPal, Visa, Master Card and American Express during the secured payment transaction processing.

5. Advertising Data/Information

Advertising related information i.e., ad, logo, image are widely visible to all Parttimerz registered members during their active participation or session. We do not share your advertising related information with 3rd party advertisers or networks without you consent. Your advertising information is safely stored in Parttimerz RDBMS along with the rest of your proprietary information.

6. Security

Albeit we have implemented various security safeguards aimed at protecting your personal information including but not limited to the secured HTTPS access to and SSL encryption, due to ever so present internet vulnerabilities and occasional breaches, we cannot warrant or ensure the security of your information as you transmit the same to and from In other words, we do not guarantee that any information you supply to will not be breached or compromised. We will however continue to stay abreast with the latest in cyber security and via our continuous improvement process, enhance security safeguards. For added security, you are strongly advised to select strong password and keep if safe at all times.