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Marko Taskovic

Web Developer

PHP Developer 7 $/h
HTML Developer 7 $/h
HTML5 Developer 7 $/h

Hello everyone, I'm Marko Taskovic from Serbia itself and doing web development. Thank you.

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Elena Dubovik

Sales Manager

Desktop Applications 40 $/h
Android App Development 40 $/h
iOS Developer 40 $/h

Moonetech is a software development company with R&D center in Eastern Europe (Minsk, Belarus). We have competence in artificial intelligence, internet of things, blockchain, fintech, business intelligence, e-commerce. We design ande develop both mobile and desktop applications. For more information refer to moonetech.com or contact me elena.dubovik@moonetech.com

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Inn Mix

Web Developer

PHP Developer 35 $/h
CSS Developer 15 $/h
HTML5 Developer 15 $/h

InnMix LLC is an intensely passionate, creatively driven agency based in Miami. InnMix provides online marketing, website and app development services, marketing strategies, SEO, video, branding and design services. We are a solution-driven company. Our clients range from attorneys at leading law firms, schools, restaurants, medical offices and practices. Our clients are also mid-size companies and start-ups.

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Marino Troskot

Software Engineer

Android Developer 10 $/h
PHP Developer 10 $/h
Android App Development 10 $/h

Hardworking and eager to take new challenges. Like to communicate with customers.

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Benjamin Babic

Developer Programmer

JavaScript Developer 13 $/h
PHP Developer 13 $/h
HTML5 Developer 13 $/h

Be so busy doing what you love, that you have no time for gossip, regret, fear, or time to put someone else down. www.babicbenjamin.com

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Sergiu-Lucian Petrica

Full Stack Developer

PHP Developer 30 $/h
JavaScript Developer 25 $/h
jQuery Developer 25 $/h

Full Stack Developer with about 2.5 years of experience, open to learning new technologies and an advocate of using the right tool for the job.