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Posted: 14/03/2019

Expires: 13/04/2019


$ 800/p

Fred Bans

Job description

I am looking to hire a cad designer to do floor plans, elevations, ceiling views, 2d & 3D plans for a three bedroom residential building.

I am posting this as a fixed price job, but I have no idea if the budget I posted is possible or not. I will consider applications well above the fixed price listed, if necessary.

The plans also need to fulfill our County's building permit requirements, which ask for the following:

Foundation plan: show dimensions of foundation, wall thickness, footing width and thickness

Floor plan: label rooms and include dimensions

Floor framing Plan: show size and spacing of floor joists. Include beam sizes and post locations.

Roof framing Plan: show size, span, and spacing of rafters.

Typical Wall Section: Indicate the size and spacing of studs. For any wall openings greater than 4 feet please show header sizes

Elevations to demonstrate building height.