Posted: 03/12/2019

Expires: 02/01/2020

Add new features to existing site

$ 200/p

Nicholas Baker


United States, Woodbridge

Job description

I have a website that tracks teams and organizations. I have added new REST API calls to my API environment. I want someone who can add this functionality to the Angular website. It is pretty easy.
Login to the site.
Create the UI to create new group
Create UI to manage existing group. It needs to have 2 tabs. One for general information and second for storing locations for the group. The second tab will display grid with list of locations and upon clicking add new location enter the location in popup. If clicked on existing location then update the current location.
Create UI to list the groups similar to how facebook displays groups.
Pass the Access Token to the REST API for CRUD operations.

I will provide access to REST API calls to the selected candidate.