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Posted: 04/10/2017

Expires: 03/11/2017

Blog Writers

$ 50/p

United States

United States, Los Angeles

Job description

A live-streaming app hiring freelance writers to create blog articles!

We are looking for rock star writers to write blog posts for us that we can post all over social media. Topics and formats will be determined through discussions between the writer and the client. Excellent understanding of the media and tech industry is a must, as well as extensive knowledge of the hottest trends.

Successful completions of high-quality articles will lead to a PAY RAISE and a LONG-TERM CONTRACT with us, and possibly with more responsibilities (copywriting, newsletter, SEM, etc.). Most of our posts will range between 400 - 800 words.

Compensation structure: A flat rate per approved and published article

Please introduce yourself and send us links to your past works.