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Posted: 09/01/2020

Expires: 08/02/2020

Guest posting

$ 150/p

Anna Andreeva

Job description

We launched a blog for our users to contribute articles. There are not much regular articles from users now (2-5 a week). So we are looking for authors to whom we will pay to publish articles on our blog.
Conditions are:
articles should be related to business activities and have value from the information standpoint(in other words be useful),
articles should be interesting and meaningful,
articles have to be 100% unique,
should have image taken from stock website with a proper credit in place.

Site has 56 domain rating in Ahrefs. Next update should start bringing much more organic traffic.

Links are do-follow and we allow linking to good and quality websites which are not advertising gambling, porn and other prohibited activities. Links in the articles should be only relevant to the content. Links in the articles should be only relevant to the content.

Articles should be long and high quality covering the topic in full. Uniqueness should be not lower than 90%.
Please include exact price and samples in your proposals. Thank you.