Dsc 1841

Posted: 28/08/2017

Expires: 27/09/2017

I need a professional looking blog with WordPress like CMS

$ 300/p

Dzenan Skulj

Co-Founder & CEO

I'm interested

Job description

I need a professional looking blog e.g. https://dzenanskulj.com/ with full-fledge CMS which is a replica of WordPress CMS with all its functionality and features. The blog post and CMS will have to be built from scratch in Ruby on Rails along with relevant technologies i.g., Java, React, CSS, HTML etc.

The blog will have to be built for scalability and integration with 'parent' site in mind as it will be ultimately hosted on the same domain (sub-directory or sub-folder). Also, SEO on and of page must be taken into consideration. I'm happy to provide more details to adequate candidate.