Posted: 04/03/2017

Expires: 03/04/2017

Market Analysis & Data Collection

$ 30/p


Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo

Job description

We need a market analyst/researcher familiar with the Balkans countries to help us identify prospective startups, founders, angel investors and venture capitalist (VC) firms operating in the Balkans.

The objective is to focus on any one country in the Balkans i.e., Bosnia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey etc. and do an extensive research on startups, founders, angel investors and VC and produce comprehensive analysis report in excel sheet. The report must include startups names, founders names, websites (URLs), email addresses, city, country and other relevant details.

Ideal candidate is expected to conduct the market research analysis and produce a comprehensive report in the matter of 7-10 days. Interested candidates may contact us here on Parttimerz for more details pertaining this initiative.