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Rados Perunicic

Civil Engineer

Montenegro, Podgorica

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By vocation I am a Civil Engineer. During years of my education and work experience, I acquired knowledge in AutoCAD designing, geometry and algebra, and as well, sense for organization, precision and details. I freelance as Graphic designer for eight years, where I worked for different customers from all over the world. I find it as great way to unleash my creativity, always striving for the best solution for customer's needs. One of my part-time jobs is Content Moderator at forum of about 80 000 users. During seven years I gained experience in online communication with various profiles of people, from different cultures, ages and professions. From January 2016. I work as Teaching Assistant in School of Modern Greek language, where twice a week I communicate with people in order to improve their knowledge and strengthen my own. I can work as single or team player, and I hope I will find place in your company.

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