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Majeed ur Rahman

Web Designer

Database programming 5 $/h
Web Designer 5 $/h
Data Entry 3 $/h

Let me Think

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Dusan Njegovanovic

3D Animator 15 $/h
3D Modeler 15 $/h
Web Designer 15 $/h

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pintu das

Android Developer 10 $/h
Android Developer 10 $/h
Android Developer 5 $/h

Trkic amer
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Amer Trkić

Developer Programmer

PHP Developer 25 $/h
API Developer 25 $/h
Amazon Web Services 25 $/h

Personal overview

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Vladimir Janjevic

Web Designer Graphic Designer App Designer

Web Designer 15 $/h
UI Designer 15 $/h
UX Designer 15 $/h

Hello there! MY SERVICES: Professional, clean UX/UI design, with latest standards & trends in Web, App & Graphic design industry. MY WORKING PROCESS: 1. Alignment discussion Before we dig in a project will discuss with you to see which are your wants and to see if we are a good fit for you. We want to have a great collaboration so this is a critical step in our process. 2. Questionnaire A questionnaire will be sent to you, that will build the base of our collaboration and will help us better know you and your situation. 3. Goals & Strategy Discuss your goals and lay out the strategy for the project, using the most easy to implement and impactful solutions for your situation. 4.1 Research Research on your targeted customers, discovering their problems, how they discuss, and more. So that you will be like them. Finding a way to their hearts and gaining their trust because they find you like them. 4.2 Planning It will be planned all the content strategy, information architecture, use cases, user flows, wireframes, responsive views. 4.3 Visual design A style guide will be established and applied to wireframes, for high-res mockups/screens. 5. Deliverables All the necessary files for development and documentation for developers will be handed-off to you. I would like only to say one more things that I am ready to work very hard to satisfy your expectations and to help your business to grow. Invest to me means that you are made a good decision and after that only what you have to do is to relax and wait for your good quality content.

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Haris Bašić

HTML Developer $/h
Adobe Photoshop $/h
CSS Developer $/h