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Anwar Qasem
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Wordpress Developer 20 $/h
HTML5 Developer 20 $/h
jQuery Developer 20 $/h

Senior PHP & WordPress Developer

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Benjamin Babic
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JavaScript Developer 13 $/h
PHP Developer 13 $/h
HTML5 Developer 13 $/h

Be so busy doing what you love, that you have no time for gossip, regret, fear, or time to put someone else down. www.babicbenjamin.com

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Cvijetin Maletic
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HTML5 Developer 5 $/h
Internet Marketing 3 $/h

Web developer and graphic desinger. More about me.on my Linkedin profile: https://ba.linkedin.com/in/cvijetin-maletic

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Alen Beslija
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Graphic Designer 10 $/h
Web Designer 15 $/h
Bootstrap Designer 20 $/h

Im a mechanical engineering student,im here to make some extra money and leave a lot of happy customers.I have 5 years of experience with photoshop and everything that goes with it from simple fixes to photomanipulation, web design, logo design and lots of other stuff...

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Milos Usljebrka
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Graphic Designer 15 $/h
Web Designer 10 $/h
HTML Developer 10 $/h

If you are looking to create logos, beutiful landing page or website design, you've landed exactly at the right place. I take on a limited number of projects at one time. This quality control means I can give each one exactly what it needs –­ focus and time. Customer satisfaction is my first priority! --- Process: A key area of focus in my design process is to ensure the best interaction for each situation to guide the user in their digital journey, as this is essential in creating engaging and effective experiences. Step 1. Discussion. The more I know about your business and your goals for a project, the better my understanding of how to help you. Step 2. Research After our preliminary conversations, I will make a research to find the most effective solution based on the goals of the project. Step 3. Sketch This is a quick and easy way to validate ideas. This step is all about refining rough concepts into something more substantial: a solid blueprint to build with. Step 4. Design I use this step to translate everything we’ve come with so far to a working solution. You get to see your ideas come to life. Step 5. Revisions At this step I work on the changes that you have sent me. In this phase the draft is sent back and forth. Step 5. Final details We look at finalizing the design so it is ready for use. This can involve making any final changes to the design and then getting the approval signed off. Step 6. Delivery Once we’re both happy with the result, I will send you all project files: layered, well-organized PSD or AI files, images, icons, etc. --- I'm designer with 5 year experience and many satisfied customers. Sounds good? If you're interested in: - improving existing graphic, web designs or designing it from the ground up INVITE ME TO YOUR JOB!!! Looking forward to hearing from you :)

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Eugene Fenko
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CSS Developer 10 $/h
HTML5 Developer 10 $/h
jQuery Developer 10 $/h

Hi! I am a frontend web developer from Kyiv, Ukraine. I have been working as a web developer for over 3 years Have strong experience with: Landing page(HTML5/CSS3/JS, PSD to HTML), Wordpress install and customisation, UI/UX and many other;