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Zoran Ivancevic
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PHP Developer 25 $/h
.NET Developer 25 $/h
API Developer 25 $/h

I am an experienced software developer and architect with 10 years of experience, specialized in OOP, software architecture, design patterns, MVC, full-stack development... I have worked in a few companies (mostly as an architect and infrastructure developer) and on a lot of startup and freelance projects as a developer and/or architect. Most of my experience is with C#.NET and PHP, but I have a solid experience with Java and Python as well. Also I have a lot of experience with JavaScript and client-side technologies. I consider myself a sort of perfectionist, with emphasis on non-functional requirements, good coding and design practices and code decoupling, always looking for ways something could be done better. It is not enough if something just works if it is not done right.

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Rahul Aggarwal
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Android Developer 10 $/h
iOS Developer 12 $/h
PHP Developer 10 $/h

Greetings and Welcome ! I am ambitious and self-motivated developer with a strong technical background and about 4+ years of web & software development experience. During that period I have developed websites using PHP/MySQL, CMS software applications such as WordPress, for small to medium businesses. Apart from the back-end, I'm also experienced in front-end development and various software development related to management. You will make sure of it when to start working with me. I am a competent and reliable person: dedicated to my work and always do my best to satisfy my clients requirements and receive only praise. Why Hire Me: • Efficient, effective and confident self-starter who values honest, direct and open discussion and prompt professional action. • Steady, easy-going, team player who listens to others and shares her ideas without reservation. • Highly Skilled and Professional Doer • Excellent Technical Skills to include spreadsheet, word processing, database, drafting, publishing and programming. • Proven Record of Success as a leader, technician, supervisor, trainer and manager. I am always available to discuss via call / chat by Skyp, Slack, email, and would be happy to set up a convenient time to discuss the application you’re moving and some ideas about the safest way to get it into the cloud. Cheers, Rahul Aggarwal

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Affifah Zafar
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Android Developer 20 $/h
iOS Developer 20 $/h
PHP Developer 15 $/h

Full stack web and mobile programmer , having more than 13 years of experience. Quality work within the deadline is our primary purpose.

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Nedim Mehic
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Wordpress Developer 20 $/h

I am an expert in fields of web design and development, specializing in sale techniques and developing highly profitable, effective websites. Above all, my experience and work is a combination of web development from scratch using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Javascript or WordPress (If CMS is needed) and design/multimedia backed by knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. In my professional career I have worked for over 100 clients as a Freelancer and employee, resulting in many successful relationships and success satisfaction. My eCommerce clients, who own their own stores have expressed their gratitude towards my ability to create sales funnels, silo websites and overall get their customers closer to upsell and cross-sell targets. I am a new member on Upwork, but while discussing more about projects with me, you will notice that I am not new into freelancing and the things I do. I am looking forward to working on new projects and with new clients!

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Anwar Qasem
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Wordpress Developer 20 $/h
HTML5 Developer 20 $/h
jQuery Developer 20 $/h

Senior PHP & WordPress Developer

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Dusan Pantic
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Web Designer 10 $/h
HTML5 Developer 10 $/h
CSS3 10 $/h

Hello. I am a freelance web designer/front-end developer from Belgrade, Serbia. My specialty is full website service for small businesses, from web design, development and hosting to the Google AdWords campaign and SEO. I enjoy making websites no matter are they WordPress or HTML web presentations. But I am a newbie on this platform and I will do my best for good review.