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Mihajlo Pecuh

Front-End Developer

Wordpress Developer 5 $/h
HTML Developer 5 $/h
PHP Developer 5 $/h

I am a person who converts caffeine into code. Live in Prijedor (BiH/RS) and work at Univerzal Studio. Few years ago I started to learn about the web. And most of the things I'm self-taught. I went to some courses for web design . Today I teach Web design at colleges and high schools. I worked as an editor / reporter for several news portals, and now I'm doing it as a hobby I really love to work and learn and that's way I'm in this field of work. More on: m.univerzalstudio.com

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Dejan Kuzmanovic

Wordpress Developer $/h
HTML Developer $/h
Custom CMS $/h

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Adla Kupusovic

Wordpress Developer $/h
Data Entry $/h
FileMaker $/h

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Milenko Sreckovic

Wordpress Developer 15 $/h

I am quite skilled web developer and graphic designer, an expert for WordPress, and I really enjoy my work. You can see my portfolio here: http://www.spektrumkomp.com/milenko-sreckovic/

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Hussain Lemonwala

Wordpress Developer 21 $/h
Web Designer 21 $/h

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Zoran Ivancevic

Developer Programmer

PHP Developer 25 $/h
.NET Developer 25 $/h
API Developer 25 $/h

I am an experienced software developer and architect with 10 years of experience, specialized in OOP, software architecture, design patterns, MVC, full-stack development... I have worked in a few companies (mostly as an architect and infrastructure developer) and on a lot of startup and freelance projects as a developer and/or architect. Most of my experience is with C#.NET and PHP, but I have a solid experience with Java and Python as well. Also I have a lot of experience with JavaScript and client-side technologies. I consider myself a sort of perfectionist, with emphasis on non-functional requirements, good coding and design practices and code decoupling, always looking for ways something could be done better. It is not enough if something just works if it is not done right.