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$ 25/project

Blogger with passion for startups, entrepreneurship and funding

Posted by: Balkanpreneurs

Posted: 04/03/2017

Expires: 03/04/2017

We're looking for a blogger with extensive knowledge of startups, entrepreneurship and funding for our startup community blog. We'll be launching our blog in the next several weeks and need guest bloggers to write about startups, entrepreneurship, freelancing and funding (angel and venture capital investing) in the Balkans. As such, we welcome bloggers from the Balkans and are open to accepting blog posts in the native language of each blogger but prefer the English blog posts. Selected candidate will be required to write 3 blog posts weekly of 500-750 words. To qualify, you need to be a blogger/writer with knack for startups, entrepreneurship, freelancing and funding. You should have existing references or demonstrate your ability to write up to our standard. All blog posts written for Balkanpreneurs will be the property of Balkanpreneuers with credit to the original author. This is a great way to promote your blog and or writing ability to the wider audience of the Balkans. While this is a year long initiative, the payments will be done on a weekly basis upon successful delivery of week's work or three blog posts. Interested candidates may apply here on Parttimerz for more details.
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$ 10/project

I need a blogger

Posted by: Cyber Biber

Posted: 10/04/2017

Expires: 10/05/2017

I need a blogger to help out with our blog on weekly basis. Interested and experienced bloggers may reach out to me here on Parttimerz.
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$ 15/project

I need a Content Writer

Posted by: Peregrine

Posted: 04/03/2017

Expires: 03/04/2017

We need a Content Marketer to help us write our weekly Newsletter. The role entails weekly research and compilation of the relevant information required for our newsletter. Information includes but not limited to: global business trends (related to our industry), noteworthy announcements within our industry, etc. (more details will be provided to interested candidate). Weekly budget for this role is 15$ for 1 newsletter.
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$ 468/project

I need an experienced blogger

Posted by: Lisa Franklin

Posted: 01/01/2017

Expires: 31/01/2017

I need an experienced blogger to write 2-3 engaging posts weekly on the subjects of entrepreneurship, startups and freelancing. Blog posts should be between 500-750 words and very captivating and informative. In terms of duration, initially I'd say 3 months and depending how things progress from then on, I might request an extension of several months.
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$ 35/project

Professional blogger who's passionate about entrepreneurship and startups

Posted by: Dzenan Skulj

Posted: 25/10/2017

Expires: 24/11/2017

I need a professional blogger who's passionate about entrepreneurship, startups and able to write 500-750 blog post fairly quickly, ideally few days tops. A blogger with proven track record who is flexible, cooperative and able to deliver stunning posts. Ideal candidate will have to adhere to our guest blog writing guidelines which include but aren't limited to the following: 1. All blog posts must be original, unique and eloquently written with our audience in mind 2. Never plagiarize – content can’t be published anywhere else on the internet 3. Topics we cover and want you to write about include: a. Startups b. Entrepreneurship c. Freelancing d. Outsourcing e. Venture Capital and Angel Investing f. Self-Development The rest of the guidelines will be shared in private to chosen candidate. Interested and qualified bloggers may contact me here on Parttimerz.
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$ 27/project

I need an experience blogger with passion for entrepreneurship, startups and freelancing

Posted by: Dzenan Skulj

Posted: 29/01/2017

Expires: 28/02/2017

I'm looking for an experienced blogger with passion for entrepreneurship, startups, freelancing and self development. Ideal candidate will have a very strong command of english, knowledge of and passion for entrepreneurship, startups, freelancing and self development with proven track record. Qualities I look for in candidates for this role are reliability, attention to details, time management, self-starter, creativity and eloquence, of course. You should also be able to commit to this role for a longer period of time - possibly a year, if not longer - on weekly basis. Initial engagement will be 3 months wherein you'll be expected to write/publish 3 blog posts per week in total of 36 over three months on the aforementioned subjects. If interested and have what it takes to deliver premium quality of writing, contact me via Parttimerz for additional steps. Needless to say, only candidates that meet the aforementioned criteria need apply.